Marvel Origin Story

It is very difficult to make a comic book movie. They are expensive, hard to capture all the characters and there is always the possibility of upsetting the very dedicated comic book fan base. But X-Men: First Class joins the recent comic book movie successes such as Iron Man, Thor and Batman; in being a thoroughly well made movie that has not only rebooted the franchise but is also appealing to the hardcore fans.

Set around the Cold War, but with a very cleverly done twist around the Cuban Missile Crisis, it focuses on how the mutants that we’ve all come to know and love find, develop and utilise their powers. At the heart of the movie, it is an origin story of the X-Men, focusing on the friendship and eventual enmity between arguably the two most powerful mutants on the planet – Charles Xavier and Magneto.

This movie is brilliant, as you’d expect from the writing/directing combo of Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughan. It has perfect casting and acting, plenty of laughs, interesting actions scenes, and a very engaging storyline. The cameos of certain characters from the previous X-Men movies not only honours the efforts of the previous franchise, but also adds to the humour. My only gripe is with the inconsistency of the timeline when it came to certain characters for examples Beast and Alex Summers but they are woven so cleverly into the overall plot that you’d hardly notice. A thoroughly must see movie.


Words by Elijah Lawal

X Men: First Class is now showing at selected cinemas in the UK.

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