A dull, neutral game of piano-based musing
Wretch 32 - Black & White

It’s with crushingly obvious logic that the latest transfer from grime grinder to unlikely pop chart target, Tottenham’s more-affable-than-most Wretch, should play a dull, neutral game of piano-based musing. Under a wealth of urban ballads, Jermaine Scott is boxed in as a thinking man’s contemporary rapper; worse still, the trickledown effect is the album’s one-sidedness fails to cash in on the swagger found on singles ‘Traktor’ and ‘Unorthodox’, with only the reggae reminisce ‘Breathe’ - Wretch sort of flipping Estelle’s ‘1980’ - showing the 32 gun badboy itching to flee the slush. So par for the course, it should come with its own small pencil and scorecard.



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