Twilight techno at its most haunted
Wraetlic - Wraetlic

Glasgow’s Alex Smoke shrouds himself in his Wraetlic moniker for a brooding, dread-ridden debut LP. Stamped with all his signature techno-isms, the release sees more rhythmic experimentation and an influx of deformed, Gregorian chant-like vocals (alongside a distorted George Bush on ‘Refrain’). What ‘Wraetlic’ represents - according to Alex - is the disconnection between members of society and the pain of failed relationships. This dehumanised, monastic aesthetic is developed through shards of glitchy organs and gravelly percussion, while spanning the UK bass spectrum. Jon Convex goes from label boss to remixer with ‘Scunner’, while D-Bridge and Scuba as SCB follow suit. Twilight techno at its most haunted.




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