Jeff Tweedy's streamlined manifesto

Despite an ever-changing line-up, Wilco have managed to sustain long-term passion and loyalty from its ardently supportive fanbase making ‘Sky Blue Sky’ one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year.

Iconic singer/songwriter Jeff Tweedy leads proceedings once more, but this time he’s embraced a more group-orientated approach to their first studio album since 2004.
By and large it’s simple stuff, but in its simplicity there’s an astounding demonstration of what makes listening to Wilco such a richly rewarding experience. ‘Sky Blue Sky’ is performed by an array of talented musicians shifting between soulful acoustic folk, jazzy blues and country skank, while still finding time to rock too. ‘Side With The seeds’, ‘Hate It Here’ and ‘Walken’ are standouts in an album littered with compelling masterclasses in how to build beautiful blues into grinding rock.
This is a great album from a band in their prime that you will develop an unhealthy respect for.

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