Beautifully crafted, eccentric and disturbing...
Vuvuvultures - Push/Pull

Already featured on the pages of Clash as something out of the ordinary, London-based foursome Vuvuvultures have produced a debut album of some measure with ‘Push/Pull’. 

Whilst residing in the pop realm, there is much greater depth to what the band produces, in comparison to what typically qualifies for categorisation under said banner. 

Combining a rock ‘n’ roll heart with electronic improvisation makes for a solid, often intense LP. 

Much of the drama in the record comes through its bass-driven dynamic, and a tone that often reaches out to despair. ‘Push/Pull’ is a set that can elevate the listener, but then drop them back to earth via its slyly disguised evil.

Beautifully crafted, eccentric and disturbing, but essential pop all the same.


Words: TC

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