Visions Of Trees - Visions Of Trees

Surprising and satisfying
Visions Of Trees - Visions Of Trees
Christened - or cursed- as another in a long-line of blog darlings spat out by the East London hype machine, Visions of Trees’ moody, messed-up pop cuts a bold route. A band, and album, with a club sensibility, gloomy, atmospheric pop meets flashes of angry, industrial electro and smooth 90s R’n’B production. On paper, it’s a busy mish-mash but on record, ‘Endless Days of Youth’ sounds off like Sleigh Bells without the bombast, slowed and droned to an indulgent bump’n’grind and ‘Turn 2 U’ hints teases the gargantuan keyboard dynamics Faithless made their own. Surprising and satisfying, we’ll even try to forgive the spoken word interlude.



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