An enduring tale of rediscovery

An enduring tale of rediscovery, Vashti Bunyan’s re-emergence within the world of music continues to capture the imaginations of musicians, fans and record collectors alike.

The story of her early years now benefits from some important footnotes: namely a collection of acetates and quarter inch tapes recently found in her brothers loft after 40 years of dust gathering. The seven singles are evocative of that golden, permissive age, with arrangements that reference US R&B and Spector’s Wall of Sound but possess a voice that is unmistakably British.
The rest of the album features her earliest demos, played largely in one session. The captivating simplicity of the song writing and of her “princess voice” are ear achingly beautiful, made more so by the passing of time. Bunyan would later work with Nick Drake’s string arranger Robert Kirby, but here are 20 songs that want for nothing more than vocals and guitar.

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