One of the most confident albums of the summer...
TYTHE - And Also With You

London producer Julian Peck’s debut album as TYTHE recalls the pivotal point in Ibiza’s history where things progressed from inclusive Balearic eclecticism to a much more honed club sound.

At times you hear the jangly introspection of New Order when they returned from the islands with ‘Technique’. At others, a mellow Café-del-Mar-at-sunset vibe. And then, a nod toward muted, late-night 4/4 hedonism.

For the most part, ‘And Also With You’ works really well, the atmospheres and synthscapes on a track like 'Scientists' having all the absorbing, dubbed-up, after-hours qualities you want from an electronica album.

On the towering slow-motion pop of ‘Summerbelly’, with vocals from Merz, there's the line, “We're too young for taking walks on a Sunday,” delivered with such accomplished, weary grace as to evoke a regretful sense of having matured too quickly.

Very occasionally there's the slightest whiff of New Age mood music, incense and healing crystals. But that's more than offset by the deft liquid pulse of standout tracks like ‘Careless Woman’ and the guitars-meets-house of ‘Totem Poles’.

‘Motorik’ inevitably recalls the krautrock pulse of Neu!, deploying layer upon layer of shimmering guitar notes and jazzy chimes over a steady, unswerving rhythm, concluding what might be the most understated and confident album of the summer.


Words: Mat Smith

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