Modern tale of the underclasses' struggle

Set in modern Berlin, a mother and son are thrown out of her partner’s house in an affluent neighbourhood.

Hence, they relocate to the poorer districts, in tall, concrete blocks, that look familiarly like the Thatcherite monuments we see in Blighty. Settling down proves difficult, and the boy makes new friends whilst being brutally bullied.

Tough Enough is a modern, urban tale of the struggle of the underclasses and reality of growing up, without glorifying or celebrating the social conditions that the film finds itself entrenched in. The narrative is excellent, the plot explosive and tense, delving into the world of a boy who is struggling with loneliness and a yearning for an easier life. Gritty, cleverly filmed and showing the extent that class division still holds upon the German society, the basic, snappy dialogue, light character development (portraying a cold, emotionless world), and dim, grey-filtered footage, create a realistic parody that’s extra grimy. Backed by an excellent soundtrack featuring Gang Of Four and Beck, this represents essential contemporary cinema.


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