Higginbottom delivers a most satisfying mix...
TEED - Get Lost

Individual artist, pop star remixer and now, confirming his spinner’s legitimacy, on the Get Lost decks without it being a makeweight between his previous two trades.

Orlando Higginbottom is now officially a triple threat: that breathy vocal of the Brontobeatsmith translates into the sort of deep house that’s a diligent, hard-to-distract, but sometimes hard-to-love game of patience that Crosstown Rebels are all about.

Disc one is a below-stairs dweller finding pleasure in nooks and crannies, circling the ring for time, mixing up dusky taste with factory floor piston work and leaving oily dancefloor deposits.

Axel Bowman’s ‘Klinnsmann’ is worth diving onto the dancefloor headfirst for, a slowly built, inclusive vibe through Casino Times and Dave Aju making Higginbottom’s headdress feathers bristle, when not charged to re-stiffen at any time.

Much like the personality that pulled his studio album ‘Trouble’ together (Clash review), TEED is open to ditching the enigma of self-regard in order to pump up the volume. And, like the last edition mixed by Acid Pauli, he’s adroit at playing the game his own way.

It takes a while to get there, but disc two’s spins of Visnadi’s ‘Hunt’s Up’ and Trus’Me bleeper ‘It’s Slow’ apply Deep Heat before Future Four’s ‘Into Orbit’ and Separate Minds’ weirdly cross-purpose ‘Troubled World’ don high-vis pianist tuxedos.

Throwback jacks applaud Higginbottom’s laudable vinyl-scavenging acumen, and through electro and tribalised pullbacks, Breach’s ‘The Click’ and ‘Tonight in Tokyo’ get on the bass-house boat to cut above the deep house template as TEED’s own banger with Eats Everything cuts the crap.


Words: Matt Oliver

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