A tale of classic rejection of adoration

A fascinating story is diluted to entertain as little as possible with this DVD.

The troubled Washington born troubadour’s short career before his untimely death in 1975 aged 28, is a tale of classic rejection of adoration in becoming increasingly introverted and making music you want to make but your fans don’t want to hear. Turning away from Dylan influences to more improv stylings such as Charlie Mingus and Miles Davis, he alienated his audience in the US the same way Brian Wilson did with ‘Pet Sounds’ as each release sold less than the previous.

Sounds interesting eh? Well, the DVD barely scratches the surface. It features interviews with his band talking guff and will barely manage to keep you awake. If you too have trouble sleeping you’ll find this DVD a godsend. If you’re interested in Buckley’s tale, buy his albums instead.

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