A truly sinister edge often missed in horror

The introduction alludes to the “fact” that Them is based on a true story.

Even after delving through the extras, only a brief piece of text hints at what this supposed truth is. It appears to be fair to conclude that real circumstances have created a story that could, perhaps, be based in reality.

The story, bar a particularly sinister twist, isn’t entirely different from standard Hollywood depictions of a couple periled by an unknown menace. But it works better than the more mediocre likes of the recent Vacancy. The twist is key. The Descent and Creep, to name but a few, have proved that the build-up of a mysterious enemy is pointless when that enemy is revealed to be as scary as a Smurf.

The ordinariness of the couple, teacher Clémentine and writer Lucas, the remoteness of their home and a highly original score give Them a truly sinister edge often missed in horror.

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