"...the best and worst album you will listen to this month"
The Witch And The Robot - On Safari

Lyrics about Theologians, Thomas Aquinas, Rasputin and cantankerous crocodiles will turn heads for both good and bad reasons.

Delve a little deeper amongst the wayward beats and wandering melodies and your early, flimsy, aspersions are cast back in your face. The salacious ‘Sex Music’ transforms from a spoken-word piece about the future into a funky little number, and while ’A Crocodile Song’ stops you in your tracks, ‘Time Travel’ is a punch in the nuts of formula and structure. If this album were a hat it would be hand-knitted and Peruvian, and if that doesn’t get you salivating for more then this album is definitely not for you.

Could easily be the best and worst album you will listen to this month.


Words by Adam Adshead

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