Not quite the future of Rock...
The Vaccines - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines

Whenever the hotly-anticipated long-players eventually come from much-hyped bands, the scrutiny is almost unfairly meticulous. This will surely be the fate of The Vaccines. So, let’s not get bogged down by visions of grandeur. Will The Vaccines change the world? No. Instead of rock’s salvation, what we have here is a group adept at melodies and hooks, creating songs designed to get under your skin - in both senses. Drenched in Spector-ish reverb, songs like ‘Wreckin’ Bar’, ‘Post Break-Up Sex’ and ‘Wolf Pack’ are catchy, sparkly and clever. There’s potential here - let’s not entrust the future of rock to them just yet...


Words by CC Baxter


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