There aren’t many things Richard Norris hasn’t done
The Time And Space Machine - Taste The Lazer

There aren’t many things Richard Norris hasn’t done. Journalist, author, member of The Grid and Erol Alkan collaborator, his most personal musical endeavour is clearly his one-man project, Time And Space Machine. Once again, his psyche-disco-dad-rock alter ego is unashamedly on show on sophomore album for TIRK . Clearly more interested in re-living the trippy ’60s haze of Jefferson Airplane through cosmic eyes than time-travelling through a space-age portal to disco pastures new, ‘Taste The Lazer’ would hold up better on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage circa 2007 than it does amid today’s electronic storm of digital exploration engineered by the likes of Tiger & Woods and Maxxi Soundsystem.


Words by Adam Saville

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