'Battersea Bunches' short film soundtrack
The Orb - C Batter C

Ambient house forefathers The Orb continue to follow in the footsteps of hero Brian Eno with ‘C Batter C’. It’s a soundscape to film footage of three young children who were taken from Battersea to Greenwich and back in 1956. Mike Coles and Alex Paterson have mashed original and new footage to create a short film, Battersea Bunches (which coincidently is a handful of freshly-picked asparagus). Indulging in the film alongside the soundtrack is a must; despite effervescent psycedelic synths, the tapestry of the soundscape is dramatically lessened without accompanying images. A live performance in Brixton 2010 premiered the film and music; a tour would go down a treat.



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