Raucous duo bring the blues

The balls well and truly hit the walls during this debut amalgamation of blues-rock and some downright dirty grunge. Luckily the literal sound of balls slapping off walls is drowned out by the aggressive bi-polar nature of The Old Romantic Killer Band’s explosive song composition.

'The Swan With Two Necks' is a unique collection of short, sharp doses that never pass the four-minute mark. It is also a pondering thought: does this swan have two heads? Or just two necks that proceed to rejoin before the solitary head above. Anyway, there are no smiles, no laughs and especially no dancing. You nod your head and listen to the poignant themes of lusty disputes, heartstrings snapped and basically the pent up aggression towards the downfalls of relationships. If you really feel the need to move, then jump on the spot, whilst bearing a troubled look.

Yet, we're not talking depression here. The duo drive ferocious energy throughout the pumped 'Trouble Causer' and more joyous 'Pigs', whilst 'The Resolve' showcases an ability to take the lowest emotive tones to emphatic peaks. 'Girl You Have All The Fun' marks ORKB at their most unpredictable, a track as unruly as the “never satisfied” lover it describes. In fact, you don't even have time to guess where this is going. Thirty-five seconds of murmured vocals suddenly plummet into a barbaric salvo of percussion abuse and grungy guitars.

The duo (one from Manchester, the other Leeds) revel in their granular, laid-bare approach. With an acoustic tone in tow, the final track, perhaps the most pure of them all, addresses the denial and torn feelings of a misguided friend. "Our food and wine have been going missing... Your girlfriend is a drug addict". In this case, it may be that his girlfriend is a thieving junkie, but one can relate. In moderation.

These 22 minutes may feel like an enjoyable smack in the face, but this music is begging to be heard live; in its intended, unadulterated form. Ignore the silly White Stripes comparisons - I'm not seeing any similarities aside from formation. ORKB expel their own brand of hardcore folk, making guitars scream with pleasure in the process. In this case, it is a blues beast that loses its temper in frenetic bursts of grinding riffs and machismo canvas smashing, before settling back down like an embarrassed Eric Banner.

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Watch the video to the track 'Lovers Pass' below...

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