'Talk About It' starts with an uber-catchy, melodic guitar riff as the lead singer, Saul Adamczewski, begins a story which starts clear but then rapidly veers into incomprehensibility as one can only make out the words 'parking tickets' and 'microwaves' and how they make his day.

The song then hits a breakneck pace in which his south London accent could actually be mistaken for some sort of cockney scat-rap solo. By no means however am I criticising this method. His voice acts as a rhythm setter for the whole song and as regionally scrambled as it is, it still makes your feet tap and you find yourself making sounds, far from being words, in an attempt to join in with the youngsters mutterings.

There's no reprieve in the buckets of energy throughout this song that culminates in a crashing, synchronised drum and guitar finale. Its an original stab by the punky Pecknam quintet, and will no doubt have many looking to next weeks album release.

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