"need to find their own identity"
The Isles - Troika

So intent are The Isles to sound like The Smiths, it’s tempting to time warp back twenty years, pretend Morrissey and Marr had not fallen out, and present ‘Troika’ as The Smiths’ fifth studio album.

The review might read - “By Smiths’ standards the songwriting is turgid, the vocals seem tired and lacking any emotive punch. Lyrically ‘Troika’ lacks Mozzer’s usual sparkling wit, and while both ‘Justine’ and ‘5th Avenue’ at least hint at that wonderful Morrissey-Marr partnership, the rest is a humdrum parody, suggesting the Mancunian legends have run out of ideas.”

The Smiths, of course, split before sinking to such depths – The Isles, however, need to find their own identity.


Words by John Freeman


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