Quite aptly relentless
The Futureheads - The Chaos

Originally a quartet of misspent Northern youths, brought together by a community scheme to get kids off the streets of Sunderland. Now unchained by the demands of a label, the riotous post-punk-pop fire that fuelled their debut has been reignited. It's quite wholly ablaze.

Radio-friendly single 'Heartbeat Song' barely hints at the creative tenacity that would come to surround it. 'Struck Dumb' and 'Sun Goes Down' blend chaotic melodies with vocal optimism, and 'The Connector' is a triumphant yield of their new creative freedoms. An ever present Gang of Four musical demeanor, and the untiring pace of Fugazi makes 'The Chaos' quite aptly relentless.


Words by Joe Zadeh


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