Fun, bouncy and all for a good cause

The Bottletop Band are actually an agglomerative entity formed from leading lights of the UK and US indie-pop scenes. Working as a charity band supporting development projects around the world this is a much cooler take on the Live Aid formula, featuring members of Super Furry Animals, Arctic Monkeys and the Charlatans, along with Eliza Doolittle and producer Mario Caldata Jr, who is often referred to as ‘the fourth Beastie Boy’ having produced many of their strongest albums.

Full marks for the altruism, and also for avoiding the lame-o indie tropes it could so easily could have gone for. Rather than a jumble of voices, ‘Dream Service’ displays a unique and coherent sound throughout. It’s not awkward, and if anything its sleek and a well honed progression of songs despite the writing and recording happening across three continent in Rio, LA and London. This is credit to Mario’s woodentop funk productions that recalls obscure ‘70s library soundtracks and lounge tunes.

There’s quite a few quirky, buried references for the keener eared, though we won’t ruin the fun for you here. The other members seem to be having fun working outside of their usual territories, all of whom are famously open-minded about genre experimentation. And we all know how much Tim Burgess loves a collaboration. So pop the lid off this cheeky and refreshing number because Bottletop’s ramshackle grooves are fun, bouncy and all for a good cause.



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