Stands out from crowd in detail

Having turned down numerous Hollywood offers to convert his hit novel into a film, American crime author Harlan Coben opted instead for a French production directed by Guillaume Canet (previously known for his role in The Beach).

His decision has been vindicated with a commercial and critical success.

Alex Beck (François Cluzet) is still rebuilding his life following the murder of his wife Margot (Marie-Josée Croze) when he receives an anonymous e-mail that suggests she’s still alive. Meanwhile, with bodies found in the same area as where Margot was killed, the police suspect that Alex is the culprit. Alex’s investigation is hampered by his new found status as a murder suspect.

Tell No One stands out from crowd due its sheer detail; every minor occurrence figuring vitally in the ultimate revelation and every emotion adding another layer of detail. Like an energised hybrid of Hidden and The Vanishing, Tell No One is simply brilliant.

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