Talk To Me certainly entertains

Don Cheadle is one of those actors who never seems to put a foot wrong.

In Talk To Me, a biopic of Washington’s legendary DJ and community activist ‘Petey’ Greene, Cheadle is fantastic, capturing a complex character who could inspire audiences with his stand against social injustice as much as he could shock and entertain.
Imprisoned for armed robbery, Greene discovered his skills as a DJ by addressing his fellow inmates over the prison PA. When released, he persuaded Dewey Hughes (played solidly by Chiwetel Ejiofor), program director for radio station WOL-AM, to give him his big break. After a controversial start, he soon became an inspiration for his community and a leading media figure.
Talk To Me certainly entertains; Greene’s story is full of incredulous tales that burst with humour. The serious tone of his work to quell Washington’s riots following the death of Martin Luther King also works well, although more about Greene’s early years would’ve been welcomed. Impressive.

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