Another dubstep/bass/2-step/footwork pimpernel...
Sully - Carrier

Another dubstep/bass/2-step/footwork pimpernel... you know the sort, of the assassin breed that are resoundingly heard and seldom seen, tipping their cap at darkness before sharply disappearing into it. What becomes obvious is that Jack Stevens is callous; displays of sorrow are very much of synthetic emotions crying digital tears, with ‘2 Hearts’ showing pity before reading last rites, and ‘Let You’ and ‘I Know’ dispatching a writhingly brutal, tic-ridden sexiness. A flag draped across all bass genres (‘Encona’ doing so in one go), ‘Carrier’ isn’t necessarily a victory for versatility or enigma variations, more the sound of Sully helping himself to bass culture’s wide open buffet.



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