From the Philadelphian bassician
Starkey - Space Traitor Vol. 1

For his galactic mutineer, the Philadelphian bassician finds a consistent timeline quashing confusion surrounding the ins and outs of where this EP/mini-album/remix project starts and finishes. Packing in plot twists around a beginning-middle-end thread, PJ Geissinger wreaks dubstep/grime havoc, achieves grandiose empowerment and redefines epic. He then rests at getting under the helmet of his cosmos colossus through reflective electronic introversion: the classic freeing of a human love interest, if you will. Remix motorcade Egyptrixx, ARP101 and +Verb augment the space-bass shoot-outs and games of hide and seek, sustaining Starkey’s genre-busting switches from aggressive to defensive.


Words by Matt Oliver

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