All the grimy vibrancy of a night out in Soweto
Spoek Mathambo - Father Creeper

Spoek Mathambo’s sound is as tricky to pin down as a wriggling fish. This South African MC-producer blends elements of rock, rap, dubstep, electro, house and vintage Prince into a unique fusion that’s been called “township tech”. Diplo’s already been in touch, natch, recruiting him for an abrasive remix of Robyn’s ‘Dancehall Queen’. So it’s no shock that Father Creeper, his Sub Pop debut and second solo LP overall, could equally be called “a bit of a din”. But in a good way - it’s got piles of ideas, some biting M.I.A.-style hooks, and all the grimy vibrancy of a night out in Soweto.


Words by Nick Levine

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