Spiral Stairs -The Real Feel

"...there is real fire in this record"
Spiral Stairs - Real Feel
It’ll be hard, ten years after their break-up, for Pavement fans to get excited over the release of Scott Kannberg’s (aka Spiral Stairs) solo debut.

Kannberg’s post-Pavement group The Preston School Of Industry failed to ignite the music world while Malkmus’s Jicks became slacker rock’s best-kept secret weapon. It’s been all quiet on the Preston front since 2004’s lacklustre ‘Monsoon’, but 2009’s ‘The Real Feel’ is the sound of college-rock’s most undervalued valedictorian bouncing back with a never-before heard conviction.

It might not be a million miles away from his previous work, but done much better. Never mind the real feel, there is real fire in this record.


Words by Charlie Frame

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