Largely tepid indie film

In this largely tepid indie the talented Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the eponymous Sherry, a young mum and former heroin addict who decides it’s time to turn her life around. After a brief relapse it seems as though she’s about to slip back into her old habits. However, with the help of her brother and an older ex-user (the engaging Danny Trejo) Sherry comes out of the picture with new hope.

Despite Gyllenhaal’s best efforts – she does the whole tough but vulnerable thing very well – Sherrybaby at times has the almost desperate air of a TV movie. As a character study it falls flat and as an exploration of how the world looks to a recovering addict the movie is similarly lacking – Sherry’s relapse carries with it no tension and just does not seem real enough. Gyllenhaal will not have done herself any harm with this picture, which will no doubt be lauded by some as ‘brave’, but the fact is there is not enough here to recommend.

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