Covers that lose the appeal of the originals…
Shearwater - Fellow Travelers

With Shearwater singer Jonathan Meiburg comparing this covers album to “leafing through a scrapbook” of touring experiences, you’d expect it to be a nostalgic, emotive offering.

But despite lending his rich, soulful vocals to an eclectic collection of tracks, including versions of songs originally by Coldplay and Wye Oak, the streamlined, country-tinged production waters the songs down.

Although David Thomas Broughton’s ‘Ambiguity’ is beautifully intimate, the urgency of Xiu Xiu’s ‘I Luv The Valley Oh’ (video below) and quiet/loud dynamics of St. Vincent’s ‘Cheerleader’ get lost in sweeping guitar riffs.

The fact that it makes you want to listen to the originals suggests Meiburg has more of a connection with his own innovative tracks.


Words: James Evans

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