...it’s time for a re-evaluation of Section 25

So often the forgotten men of the early Factory period, perhaps it’s time for a re-evaluation of Section 25.

Springing from Blackpool, the band’s early Ian Curtis and Martin Hannett productions are far from the sub-Joy Division musings the script would suggest. Sure, they make sense best as a soundtrack to the post-Apocalyptic Manchester of the late 70s, but they have an urgency of their own. However, the music is a times indistinct, the ideas submerged beneath that familiar hi-hat sound.

The band truly come into their own when they take some new toys into the studio with them. Hampered by line up changes, Section 25 re-emerged with a new dance direction in 1984 with the album “From The Hip”. Produced by Bernard Sumner, songs such as “Looking From A Hilltop” (sampled by Orbital) deserve a wider audience. In places this is thoughtful music, fresh and full of ideas as well as having a great beat. Isn’t that what Factory was all about?

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