Mile high amp debauchery

Having formed after a midnight jaunt to a renowned art gallery, (whatever happened to the Barfly?..) it was always evident Saturation Point were going to have a little more going on that mere 3 chord pop singles. So much so they’ve decided to write four albums in twelve months, handily titled ‘One’, ‘Two’, ‘Three’… you get the picture.

‘Three’ finds them in their dark place, a menacing, prog mountain of post-rock riffs and desert crawling psychedelica (‘Three Point Two’). But it’s the spaced dynamics and layering guitars that really overwhelm, bringing to mind a liquor doused polyrhythmic missile being fired into a Marshall Stack. Forget regimented song structure or even a chorus for that matter (no vocals here, folks) – this is mile high amp debauchery, like Battles if they’d got an F- for mathematics at high school. When ‘Three Point Four’ culminates in an apocalyptic choir of shredding guitar clatter, It’s a fittingly thunderous finale to progressive post-rock fans’ new must have album.

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