Satan remains unforgettable.

Take the all-encompassing weirdness of The Ordeal, an aggressively offensive dash of League of Gentlemen humour and the slow, uncomfortable atmosphere of Ken Russell’s Gothic and you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

The premise is standard horror material; a group of friends leave a club to go back to the countryside house of a woman that they’ve met. Unfortunately, the housekeeper happens to be Joseph (Vincent Cassel), a quite demented individual who lives there with his pregnant wife.

It’s Cassel’s electrifying performance that makes Satan such a gripping experience. In the past he’s made La Haine and Irreversible all the more powerful as well as rescuing more pedestrian work like Birthday Girl or Derailed. None of which can truly prepare you for his contribution here; his wide-eyed expression, manic demeanour and racial slurs makes a weekend with The Shining’s Jack Torrance a preferable option.

Whilst the suitably daft climax doesn’t quite match the build-up, Satan remains unforgettable.

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