Morose, delicate and beautiful
RM Hubbert - Thirteen Lost And Found

You can taste the rain on this delicious album. You can also feel the long walk home from too much life. RM Hubbert should have been born next door to Kerouac’s Sal Paradise. But instead he woke up in cold, grey Glasgow. He’s made up by gigging his heart out, flogging his debut to anyone for fifty pence, then recruiting friends Aidan Moffat, Emma Pollock, Alisdair Roberts and Alex Kapranos to stitch together this second unique LP and his broken personal life. It’s therefore morose, delicate and beautiful. The guitar playing is eccentric and excels at nearly every deft pluck. If Ennio Morricone was from the damp confines of Finnieston then ‘Thirteen Lost And Found’ would all make heaps more sense.



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