Chugging and thunderous, an expertly stitched quilt of textures...
Raffertie - Sleep Of Reason

With such a sad premise to this LP, it’s remarkable that it manages to be enjoyable at all.

“Albums I listened to and connected with most when growing up, and indeed still now, were those that made me feel like I wasn’t alone,” Benjamin Stefanski’s written of this release’s inspirations, and indeed its ambitions.

But ‘Sleep Of Reason’ puts swelling, rising choral tones side by side with R&B tropes, creating a bubbly and playful release that leans more towards the excitement of youth than melancholia.

Chugging and thunderous, Stefanski’s debut set as Raffertie is self-assured: an expertly stitched quilt of textures.


Words: Felicity Martin

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