Grab a front row experience for his final concert
Michael Jackson: This Is It

This Is It was set to be Michael Jackson’s big live comeback - a series of fifty performances that would show the world that he was still the greatest entertainer on the planet.

Sadly, fate had another card to play and fans were all left with thoughts of what might have been, whilst busily trawling through hours of old performance footage on You Tube. Now, four months after his tragic and untimely death, over one hundred hours of rehearsal footage and interviews with collaborators have been edited and compiled into a film-documentary, suitably entitled This Is It. Released in cinemas for a limited two-week period, the film promises to finally put to rest rumours that the late superstar was wheelchair bound, on death’s door and unable to moonwalk, and is anticipated to elevate him back to Number One - a place he was, ironically, most at home, but that also caused his ultimate downfall.

If its trailer is any indication into the star’s condition before his death then it appears Jackson was still on top of his game, being both involved in the orchestration of the choreography, musical direction and staging, as well as keeping pace with dancers half his age; which of course, for many, makes his loss all the more frustrating.

If you want to see MJ perform his gravity-defying moonwalk; grab his crotch and sing his trademark yelps and ‘chamones’ one last time, then This Is It - grab a front row experience for his final concert.

Words by David Aaron

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