All the lights are switched on here
Pit Er Pat - The Flexible Entertainer

2008’s ‘High Times’ album saw the Chicago duo bravely dabble in woozy arabesque textures, off-kilter drum patterns and heady, atmospheric vocals.

The M.O. here is indeed similar, but this time done with buckets more immediacy. Evolving beyond the feely-experimentalism of before, Pit Er Pat have switched on all the lights here, no longer stumbling around in the dark to find a signature sound. And while it’s still not exactly pop music, the low-slung 808 beat and rapped refrain of opener ‘Water’ evokes classic Timbaland, or at least if he’d got Gang Gang Dance in as his house band. Still, it’s a refreshing diversion from yer average psych-noise fare that’ll hopefully be explored further on future offerings.


Words by Charlie Frame


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