Albums one and two re-released

Their third album ‘Writer’s Block’ saw Swedish group Peter Bjorn and John appear on the UK radar, thanks to ‘Young Folks’ – the brilliant single featuring The Concretes’ Victoria Bergsman.

Now Wichita are releasing their first two albums here for the first time. On 2002’s self-titled debut, known as their Red Album, they use a variety of instruments but the songs are still raw with less emphasis on production. They were frequently compared to The Beatles and Elvis Costello, but they are closer in style to later bands like Teenage Fanclub and The Chills – the New Zealand band who PB&J would pay tribute to in a song on ‘Writer’s Block’. By ‘Falling Out’, released in 2005, they had developed a more expansive approach. All the songs are about relationships breaking down and there is a pronounced bitterness in the lyrics. But musically it rarely wallows choosing the hypnotic psychedelia of ‘Money’ or driving glockenspiel rock of ‘It Beats Me Everytime’ instead. It’s a beautiful, interesting album and a sign of more to come.

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