Pascal Babare - Thunderclap Spring

"...a wonderfully charming rainy-day record."
Pascal Babare - Thunderclap Spring
Australian-born navel-gazer Pascal Babare recorded ‘Thunderclap Spring’ everywhere, from his home country to London and Japan, in various spaces, indoors and outdoors.

And that’s what becomes clear on first listen of Babare’s debut - its experimental eclecticism, and at the same time, the gentle yet unbreakable yarn of continuity that flows throughout its humble tones.

Dulcet and meditative, with the inclusion of a rather lovely cover of New Order’s ‘Ceremony’, ‘Thunderclap Spring’ feels a little out of place at the end of November, but nevertheless, it is a wonderfully charming rainy-day record that is sumptuously rich as it is subtle and organic.


Words by Teri Williams

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