Intelligent, thoughtful, and in many ways uplifting
Pantha du Prince – Black Noise

“German minimal techno”, as its press release purports Black Noise to be, is a genre which threatens to strike fear into any reviewer's heart; and yet Pantha du Prince's third album, 'Black Noise', is a hypnotically accessible album, which is delightfully quiet, reflective and, well, minimal.

2009 has seen the emergence and critical success of other techno-pop bands, including The xx and Fever Ray, and Pantha du Prince plays into exactly this sort of intelligent, thoughtful, and in many ways uplifting music, which makes the album title “Black Noise” seems strange, and almost inappropriate.

This music isn't dark, although it can be quite haunting at times, in the same way a Sigur Ros album can be haunting; it seems to generate a sonic landscape of cold beauty, like a frozen arctic tundra.  


Words by Steven Garrard

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