"...a step into the weird and magical."
Owen Pallett - Heartland

With two albums under his belt (as Final Fantasy), Owen Pallett’s ‘Heartland’ is definitely a step into the weird and magical.

Starting with offbeat rhythms and minor key vocals the album is not as accessible as ‘Has A Good Home’ and less adventurous than ‘He Poos Clouds’ - yet there’s something that draws you into ‘Heartland’. ‘Oh Heartland, Up Yours!’ snowballs into a string of upbeat tracks with ‘Lewis Takes Off His Shirt’ easily making up for the album’s unwelcome beginning.

‘Flare Gun’ sounds like something lifted straight from the musical Chicago, but it’s the beautiful strings and waltzing rhythms which makes ‘Heartland’ a personal project that stands out above the rest.


Words by Ruth Offord


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