Outlaw is a much more sobering affair.
Following the excellent The Business, Nick Love’s Outlaw is a much more sobering affair.

Sean Bean stars as a disillusioned paratrooper returning from Iraq who returns shocked to see his country deteriorating into one of lawlessness. In his increasing feeling of rejection, he forms a gang equally as disenfranchised as he is to serve up their own particular dose of justice.

Assisted by Bob Hoskins, brilliant as a resentful copper assisting the outlaws in tipping them off in who’s doing what and where, the film tries to be The Deer Hunter but ends up being a more paranoid cousin of Fight Club and features plenty of sickening violence.

Despite the annoying shaky camera work and ham-fisted righteous social commentary, this is a worryingly realistic document of how the hopes of a prosperous new millennium have swiftly disintegrated into anger and despair, this grimy document of the current social climate of the UK couldn’t be any more poignant.

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