Abundant in experimentation and overall pop accessibility...
Out Cold - Invasion Of Love

Cherry Ghost frontman Simon Aldred didn’t want to make, as he says, “another miserable Northern record”. And, having gone solo as Out Cold, ‘Invasion Of Love’ proves to be anything but.

This set is a patchwork of ‘80s disco influences and primitive hip-hop drum samples, blended together in a near-chillwave production aesthetic.

Aldred’s falsetto veneer adds a fourth-dimension of wholesome soulfulness, too. 

Sometimes the singing gets too close to Gnarls Barkley’s saccharine state, and cut-and-paste strings occasionally give an air of Ian Brownishness.

But this is a debut with lots to love, abundant in experimentation and overall pop accessibility – and not many comparable collections can claim those qualities.


Words: Simon Butcher

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