"...striking, effective and successful. A terrific experiment."

The concept for this record is heartfelt. Take seven simple piano songs, and release each one on Twitter throughout a week.

Each tweet is based on a theme invoking the concept of lost and found, musical sketches per se, that flick and flutter through atmosphere and dreamy, ethereality. It's a short set, a little over twenty minutes, but for what Iceland's foremost classically trained composer brings forth is an impressive amount of emotion in little time and space.

'Allt varð hljótt' is heart-breaking, as tainted violin streak across plaintive piano prods, while 'Faun' takes it one-step further, creating the paean to lost love, whether its with oneself or the world around them. It's striking, effective and successful. A terrific experiment.


Words by Shain Shapiro


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