A gradual evolution, and all the better for it...
No Age - An Object

All change for No Age – yet you wouldn’t know it.

The working methods behind ‘An Object’ find a band re-inventing itself, throwing caution to the wind. Yet the elementals, the integral aspects of No Age, remain.

‘I Won’t Be Your Generator’ seethes and writhes, with pounding punk rock and relentless electronics meshing in an unholy manner. ‘C’Mon Stimmung’ is the band at its most direct, while ‘An Impression’ is elusive and illusionary.

Thriving on fine-tuning, ‘An Object’ feels like the work of a band focussing on the important, less obviously discernable aspects of their sound. A gradual evolution, then, and all the better for it.


Words: Robin Murray

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