Time has been kind to Mulholland Drive

Time has been kind to David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

It’s perhaps his best work, merging as it does the spectacular visuals and complexity of his arguably lesser Lost Highway with a plot that, whilst not as to the point as The Straight Story or Blue Velvet, does allow the viewer to be sucked into the experience and to create a satisfyingly interpretation structure.

Rita (Laura Harring) suffers an extreme bout of amnesia following a car crash that she’s lucky to survive. Her story intertwines with that of the aspiring actress Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) and the duo attempt to discover Rita’s background. The plot swings in all directions with sub-plots and multi-layered narratives creating what is an undeniably challenging experience.

Lynch’s famed predilection for surreal yet intriguing imagery is as strong as ever and the undeniable beauty of Harring and Watts matches the lush photography. The extras may well tempt the diehard fan, but newcomers won’t be disappointed with the film itself.

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