A messy cosmic trip
Mickey Moonlight - And The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation

Mickey Moonlight doesn’t treat pop music as an exact science. From the dodgy glam-rock moniker to the dubious comic-book title, the self-professed adopter of ‘science-fiction exotica’ makes the most inauspicious opening for a debut album, like, ever, when ‘Interplanetary Music’ looks for a Cbeebies gig. Undoubtedly colourful and carefree electronica from a mass of musicians, Moonlight makes a decent fist of provocative, textured instrumentalism and shady electro-houser ‘Close To Everything’. Decent, but extra confusions in a messy cosmic trip. Maybe the point is to catch you in a dream, not knowing how or why you got there, but you’ll be dazed once awoken.



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