Back on track
Memory Tapes - Grace/Confusion

Dayve Hawk had his work cut out for him in producing a follow-up to his instant cult-classic debut ‘Seek Magic’, but last year’s ‘Player Piano’ was particularly limpid. Thankfully, album number three from the reclusive LA producer is a realignment with the conceptual approach Hawk adopted in his early work. Eschewing LP conventions, ‘Grace/Confusion’ presents six multi-textured soundscapes woven from Hawk’s established palette of glossy ’80s synth, lo-fi indie and melancholia-inducing disco. From the eight-minute saccharine centrepiece of ‘Safety’ to the channelled Scandinavian electro of ‘Let Me Be’, ‘Grace/Confusion’ sees Hawk get back on track, by remembering what worked in the first place.




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