Playful and melodic set from the Norfolk producer…
Luke Abbott - Wysing Forest

Some musicians prefer to lock themselves away in the studio during the album creation period, ears barred to any outside influences.

But not Luke Abbott, who funneled a heap of spiritual jazz into his lugholes while producing ‘Wysing Forest’, which is one explanation for its rawness in comparison to the intricate tidiness of 2012’s ‘Modern Driveway’.

While this LP is a more obtuse listen, with dribbles of white noise hither and thither, there’s an organic side to its abrasiveness. ‘Unfurling’ calls to mind a myriad of ants pattering over some tree bark or, say, a time-lapsed video of curious seeds poking out of their soil.

Playful and melodic, Clash suggests that you take this on a Norfolk country ramble ASAP.


Words: Felicity Martin

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