Manchester singer revels in her own quirkiness…
Liz Green - Haul Away!

‘Haul Away!’ was recorded at London’s Toe Rag Studios, and this environment permeates Manchester singer Liz Green’s retro-folk leanings, lending them a lo-fi, vintage feel.

Unlike her debut, 2011’s ‘O, Devotion!’ (listen on Deezer), this set is home to perkier piano arrangements featuring sea-faring characters depicted in grainy, cartoon-like quality.

Green revels in her own quirkiness, flitting between melancholy and spryness, effectively so on ‘Where The River Don’t Flow’. ‘Little I’, a mournful piano ballad, is a wordless number more evocative than lyrical tracks on offer.

At times her deliberate vocal style disconnects the listener, and one hopes as Green’s career progresses, she trades in the allegories for something a bit more emotionally inclusive.


Words: Shahzaib Hussain

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