These Little Green Cars exude a lorry-load of charm...
Little Green Cars - Absolute Zero

Signed to the same label as Mumford & Sons, and bagging Markus Dravs – a veteran of both Mumford albums – as producer on this, their debut album, means there could have been a lot to dislike about Dublin folk-rockers Little Green Cars.

So, it’s rather marvellous to report that, in the main, ‘Absolute Zero’ is an absolute corker. Stevie Appleby’s voice soars on the magnificent folk-stomp of ‘My Love Took Me Down To The River...’ (video below), while Fleet Foxes won’t mind the shameless deference shown on the gorgeous ‘Red And Blue’.

There are moments of schmaltz, but these Little Green Cars exude a lorry-load of charm.


Words: John Freeman

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